FINAL WEEK to Submit I-75 at Bethlehem Road Comments

Photo showing March 2023 concept layout for the I-75 interchange at Bethlehem Road (Georgia DOT photo).
I-75 at Bethlehem Road interchange, March 2023 concept. (Georgia DOT photo)

This week is the final chance to submit comments to Georgia DOT about the future Bethlehem Road exit. If you have not done so already, be sure and submit your feedback by Thursday, April 20, at 11:59 pm.

Georgia DOT plans to construct a new interstate exit at I-75 and Bethlehem Road in Locust Grove. The public information open house has been happening all month long.

Final Week to Submit Comments

Georgia DOT released the I-75 exit 214 open house on Thursday, March 23. Now is the final week to submit comments about the Bethlehem Road project. The comment period closes on Thursday, April 20. The project website will remain available afterwards for reference.

If you have not already, be sure and take a look at the Bethlehem Road concept layout. The layout provides a look at the future project. Most notably, the concept layout depicts four new roundabouts. It also provides a preview of the larger improvements. In addition to a new exit, the project will build a new four-lane Bethlehem Road. This will be on new location south of the current Bethlehem Road.

Finally, the project includes building three new bridges. They are on the new Bethlehem Road over I-75 and Bethlehem Bottoms, and the I-75 North offramp. The offramp will have a bridge spanning the future truck only lanes. This move, referred to as a ramp braid, prevents future conflicts between commercial vehicles and general motorists. An example of this can be found on I-75 North before I-285.

The most recent cost estimate for the project totals $124 million. Construction plans to start in 2025 and last three years.

How to Submit Comments

To submit comments about the project, visit the state DOT virtual meeting room. When there, you can view more info about the project. To leave your comments, navigate to the last page of the meeting room. If on a mobile device, tap the top three bars and select Public Comment. The form allows residents to indicate whether they support or oppose the project. They can also provide any specific questions or comments they may have.

MHF News is encouraging everyone to fill out the survey. Those who participate will receive a copy of the state’s response to comments later this spring. Last fall, 75 respondents filled out the survey for the state route 155 open house. Can we reach 150 or more for Bethlehem Road? Be sure and fill out your comment card.

Featured image shows the I-75 at Bethlehem Road concept layout. Georgia DOT photo.

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