Board to Discuss Apartment Standards, Car Washes on Tuesday

Photo shows two four-story apartment buildings with partial brick exteriors and landscaping (stock photo).
(stock photo)

The Henry County commissioners next meet on Tuesday, April 18. On their agenda will be discussion on apartment standards and consideration to adopt a car wash buffer ordinance.

The meeting begins at 6:30 pm. Beforehand, the board will have a presentation from Stockbridge at 6 pm. The presentation covers a new tax allocation district, the first in the county.

Last month, the board tabled several rezoning requests. They included requests on Jonesboro Road at Chambers, and off state route 20. County staff have postponed them once more to a later date.

Apartment Standards

In January, the board adopted a multifamily moratorium. This put a temporary hold on any new requests for apartments or townhomes. The purpose behind the moratorium was to give staff time to draft new apartment standards. The board will take its first look at the possible new standards next week.

The agenda item on next Tuesday is for discussion only. No board action will occur on the item. The county must advertise a public hearing when it places the item up for a vote.

The multifamily moratorium will end once the county adopts new standards. Otherwise, the moratorium lasts up to one year.

Car Wash Buffer

Similarly, last October, Henry County adopted a car wash moratorium. The county opted to study whether a buffer ordinance on new car washes would be appropriate. That moratorium expires this month.

According to county documents, there are 16 car washes open in the county. Another seven are either in development or seeking zoning approval.

The board will consider next week whether to adopt a buffer requirement between new car washes. County staff are recommending a one-mile buffer. The item is not a public hearing because the board previously held a hearing in October.

The board meeting agenda and staff reports are available on the county website.

Featured image shows four-story apartment buildings. Stock photo.

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