New Exit 214 Will Help Support 10+ MSF of Industrial Space

Map showing the proposed Bethlehem Road interchange with future distribution buildings in the vicinity (Georgia DOT photo with modifications).
(Georgia DOT photo with modifications)

Georgia DOT recently shared the concept layout for the future Bethlehem Road interstate exit. Private developers have several upcoming projects to build new industrial space at exit 214.

There are plans for industrial space on three of the four quadrants at exit 214. One employer has announced plans for a new windows manufacturing facility — to employ 900 individuals — within the area. It is reasonable to expect others will follow.

Industrial Space at Exit 214


The first new industrial project in Locust Grove gained zoning approval in 2016. This project, finished in 2017, had 1 million square feet (MSF) of space off Price Drive. Two years later, the applicant petitioned for and received industrial zoning for the remainder of their property. The land is west of I-75 south of Bethlehem Road. This project, known as ClayCo for the St. Louis-based developer, will have a little more than 4 MSF when complete.

In March, the Locust Grove council approved stream buffer variances for the ClayCo project. The buffer variances already had approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Construction is set to begin later this year on future buildings, to include the windows manufacturer referenced above.

During the construction, the ClayCo development will be paving and upgrading Price Drive. The road is presently dirt. Construction will also re-align Price Drive away from I-75. This new alignment will avoid conflicts with the new exit. When complete, Price Drive will intersect Bethlehem Road close to the church.

NS Logistics South

Moving from the southwest corner to the northeast corner of the new exit, Majestic Realty Co. has plans to build four new buildings. The new buildings range in size from 375,000 square feet to 550,000 square feet. The total square footage equates to 1.865 MSF.

The property underwent necessary state and stream buffer reviews last year. Construction can begin at anytime. The project estimates full build-out by 2026.

Stonemont Park 75 South

Finally, Stonemont Park 75 South will be a new three-building development. It is at the southeast corner of the new exit. Stonemont Park is planning about 900 thousand square feet of space.

During the property’s rezoning request in 2022, the city negotiated with the applicant to allow a frontage road through the property. Negotiations occurred at the suggestion of MHF News owner Clayton Carte. The frontage road would connect the Home Depot distribution center to the south and Bethlehem Road to the north. This would allow for industrial traffic from the Stonemont project, Home Depot and the Colvin Drive buildings to better access the new I-75 exit. By building the frontage road, truck traffic in this area can reach Bethlehem Road without traveling on state route 42.

Construction is expected to start this year on Stonemont Park.


The three projects described above are planning about 6.7 million square feet of future industrial space. When coupled with the nearly-complete 4.2 MSF at Gardner Park, there exists over 10 million square feet of space the new exit will support. This vehicle traffic would otherwise utilize Bill Gardner Parkway / exit 212.

Georgia DOT is accepting comments about the new exit until Thursday, April 20. Be sure and submit your feedback! Visit the state open house to learn more.

Featured image shows the Bethlehem Road exit concept with modifications to show future industrial buildings. Georgia DOT photo with modifications.

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