Development Plans 2023 Events Kicking Off in April

Photo shows LEGO bricks to represent possible future jobs and housing in Henry County (Comprehensive Plan 2018 photo).
LEGO bricks represent possible areas for new jobs and housing during the 2018 Comprehensive Plan update. (Henry County / ARC photo)

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a proposed development in Henry County, and let’s be honest — who hasn’t it? — then these upcoming events are for you. Henry County and the four cities are updating their land use plans in 2023. The plans determine where new development may occur, and to what density.

This year, Henry County and the four cities are each conducting separate plans. This is a major departure from years’ past when they worked together. Because of this, there will be different engagement opportunities for each plan. Engagement events include not only in-person workshops, but also online surveys. Details are slowly beginning to emerge how to participate in each plan.

The county plan will be looking at development patterns within unincorporated areas. Each city plan will be looking within their city limits. Anyone can provide feedback to any plan. They do not have to reside within the city.

Development Plans 2023

Right now, we have confirmed dates for open house events on the McDonough and Henry County plans. Here is what we know:

City of McDonough

Open House on Tuesday, April 4, starting at 6 pm. Happening at McDonough City Hall.

A second event will follow on Thursday, April 27.

MHF News will share info about any online tools, such as a survey, when the city shares them. McDonough is planning to have a draft of its new plan by mid-May, much sooner than the typical six months schedule. Everyone’s update must be complete by October.

Henry County

Save the date! The first open house for the county plan will be on Monday, April 17. Online engagement will kick-off after that meeting. More details, like time and location, to follow.


The Hampton plan has shared its online survey. Hampton area residents are encouraged to check it out here.

Event details aren’t yet available for the Locust Grove nor Stockbridge plan updates.

Featured image shows LEGO brick public engagement activity during the 2018 comprehensive plan update. Henry County / ARC photo.

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