Butts County: GDOT Now Accepting Bids for 16 at 42

Concept layout updated February 2021 for state route 42 roundabout at state route 16 in Jackson (Georgia DOT photo)
(Georgia DOT photo)

Georgia DOT is now accepting construction bids for state route 16 at 42 in downtown Jackson. The project plans to build a new roundabout.

Construction bids close on April 21 for the project. The state typically publishes to whom they award a contract about two to three weeks later.

SR 16 at 42 Roundabout

The new roundabout is located west of the Jackson Square near the Butts County Admin Offices. The project is planning to construct a 100-foot roundabout. The state DOT is describing this as a compact roundabout. It will have a dedicated center truck apron. The truck apron allows the rear-wheels on a tractor-trailer to track over the apron. This is different from a mini roundabout. All large vehicles, such as a school bus or fire engine, must drive over the center island to navigate a mini roundabout.

The state DOT last held an open house for the project in spring 2021. At the time, they received 86 comments about the project. From which, 53 respondents opposed the project. Respondents sought either a larger roundabout or no roundabout at all. The state evaluated a larger 120-foot roundabout, but determined the larger project would create adverse right of way impacts. Finally, the state analysis showed the intersection did not meet the warrants for a new traffic light.

According to Georgia DOT, the roundabout alternative is expected to benefit the intersection by improving delay and reducing crash frequency and severity in the project area.

Other Projects

Earlier this month, Georgia DOT opened a public information open house for proposed improvements at state route 16 and England Chapel Road. The proposed project would likewise construct a roundabout. The public comment deadline is April 14.

Featured image shows the SR 16 at 42 roundabout concept layout in downtown Jackson. Georgia DOT photo.

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