Board to Consider Three Apartment Requests on Tuesday

Photo showing architectural rendering for Jonesboro Road at Chambers Road proposed apartments (Niles Bolton Associates photo).
TPA Residential is proposing 265 apartments within a 3 & 4-story building off Jonesboro Road. (Niles Bolton Associates photo)

Henry County commissioners have their next regular board meeting on Tuesday night, March 21, at 6:30 pm. The commissioners will consider three rezoning requests for new apartments. They are located off Jonesboro Road, state route 20 and state route 155, respectively.

The board meeting begins at 6:30 pm. Meetings occur at the county admin building in McDonough; they are open to all. Arrive early if able; the board has a budget presentation beginning at 5 o’clock. This will be the first look at the upcoming fiscal year 2024 budget.

Three Apartment Requests

The three apartment requests consist of the following:

  • Request to rezone 47 acres located west of state route 155 at Greenwood Industrial. The applicant is proposing 330 units. The property’s current zoning would permit industrial development.
  • Rezone 21.5 acres located at the southeast corner of Jonesboro Road and Chambers Road. The applicant is proposing 265 apartments and 78 townhomes. The current zoning is for commercial and office space.
  • Request to rezone 21 acres located north of highway 20 near the Henry County Recycling Center. The project proposes 267 units. Present-day zoning is a mixture of multifamily, office, commercial and industrial.

All three requests filed for rezoning in 2021. The zoning advisory board considered them in early 2022. Since such time, in January 2023, the county adopted a moratorium on new multifamily building permits. The draft zoning conditions for each project state that, if rezoned, they must wait until the moratorium ends to apply for permits.

The board of commissioners previously held the public hearing for the Jonesboro Road at Chambers project. The other projects, off highways 20 and 155, will have their hearings on Tuesday night.

Additional details about each request is available on the county website. Click on “Board of Commissioners Meeting” for March 21 then select ”Docs.”

Featured image shows rendering for Jonesboro Road at Chambers Road apartments. Niles Bolton Associates photo.

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