Georgia 20 / 81 Widening Can Now Start Construction

Photo shows the intersection of Georgia 20 / 81 at Industrial Blvd / Willow Lane. Image overlays include a Road Work Ahead sign, Georgia 20 road sign, and Georgia 81 road sign (Google photo).
(Google photo / Clayton Carte modifications)

On March 7, the state DOT issued the notice to proceed for the Georgia 20 / 81 widening project. This means construction can now begin in McDonough.

The Georgia 20 / 81 widening project extends between I-75 and Phillips Drive. The project has an expected completion in May 2025.

Georgia 20 / 81 Widening

Pittman Construction Company of Conyers, GA won the bid to widen highway 20, Georgia DOT announced in December. The project’s construction cost is $24.3 million. House Bill 170 — the state’s gas tax increased in 2015 — is paying for the project.

Design work for the project started in 2016. Right of way acquisition then started in 2018. Now, construction begins in 2023.

Notable elements of the project include a new dual-lane roundabout at state route 20 and McDonough Parkway. This will include opening McDonough Pkwy to the south. The southern extension connects to Henry Pkwy and state route 155. Henry County recently confirmed the new aquatic center will be along this road segment.

In addition, the highway 20 widening will modify several intersections near I-75. Chiefly, the state route 20 at Old Industrial Blvd / Walmart driveway will become a signalized R-Cut. The Restricted Crossing U-turn design prohibits left turns and straight movements off the side street. Instead, side street can only turn right. This allows more green time for the main road.

Photo showing road marking and signs plan at state route 20 and Willow Lane (Georgia DOT photo).
New Turn Lanes at SR 20 and Willow Lane
(Georgia DOT photo)

To support the redirect of traffic volumes, the project will add more left-hand turn lanes at the next intersection. There will be dual left-hand turn lanes from both Industrial Blvd and Willow Lane onto Georgia 20 / 81. Finally, the intersection of Willow Lane and the rear access into Wal-mart will have a new traffic light.

Featured image shows Georgia 20 / 81 at Industrial Blvd with Road Work Ahead and State Route signs overlay. Google photo / Clayton Carte modifications.

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