Yes, the Aquatic Center Will Have Four-Lane Access Off I-75.

Map showing routes offering future four-lane access to the aquatic center from I-75. The primary route will be Georgia 20 to McDonough Parkway, with a secondary option from highway 155 (Google MyMaps / Clayton Carte image).
(Google MyMaps / Clayton Carte image)

This week, Henry County presented the latest site plan ahead of beginning construction on the new aquatic center. With it, they also confirmed one final change in the venue’s location. The project will now be off Henry Parkway Connector. This move not only reduces disruptions to the golf course, but also ensures four-lane access from I-75 to the new venue.

Henry County plans to accept construction bids for the project later this spring. The board will consider approving a build contract in June. Staff estimates the new venue will open in early 2025.

Four-Lane Access to the Aquatic Center

The Georgia 20 widening project — beginning construction this month — should complete a few months after the aquatic center. Its contract completion is in spring 2025. In addition, the widening will finish the extension of McDonough Parkway. This will open up a four-lane connection from I-75 exit 218 to the aquatic center.

In the future, the Georgia 155 widening will provide a secondary four-lane connection from exit 216. The widening held its public open house a few months ago. The project still has to finalize its design and buy right of way, so road work won’t happen for several more years. Construction funding is in fiscal year 2027 as of now.

Finally, the aquatic center building on Henry Parkway Connector provides better access from within the county. Henry Parkway is part of the McDonough bypass. The bypass is a long-envisioned project to improve mobility around town, and it’s nearly complete. Right now, motorists can travel the parkway between state route 20, Jonesboro Road and state route 42. As mentioned above, the connection south of Georgia 20 down to the aquatic center and 155 will open during the widening project.

Last but not least, another section of the parkway is planned between highways 42 and 155. This is north of downtown McDonough. This project will extend the existing roadway east of highway 42. It ties into Georgia 155 at Turner Church Road. The road will be on a new bridge over 155. The county completed right of way acquisition, and is awaiting a final permit from Georgia DOT before they can bid construction for the new road. This should happen later this year.

Featured image shows routes offering future four-lane access from I-75 to the aquatic center. Google MyMaps / Clayton Carte image.

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