Record Number of New Apartments Broke Ground in 2022

2023 Expected to Shatter Last Year’s Record

Photo shows wood framing for new apartments under construction (stock photo).
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Over 1,200 new apartment units broke ground in 2022, a number likely to be the new single-year record for Henry County. This follows a then-record 1,190 new units breaking ground in 2021.

Despite record years in 2021 and 2022, this year could potentially shatter those numbers. Between 2,000–2,500 new apartment units are expected to break ground this year.

Noticing the increase in development interest, Henry County adopted a multifamily moratorium at the beginning of the year. The cities of Locust Grove and McDonough have likewise done the same.

Record Year in 2022

Based on MHF News research, a total of 1,218 new apartment units broke ground in 2022. This does not include townhomes or single-family homes. The new units are located in four developments:

  • 378 units – Crest at South Point, Highway 81, McDonough
  • 306 units – Argento at Bridges, Jodeco Road, Stockbridge
  • 280 units – Crofthouse McDonough, Jonesboro Road, McDonough
  • 260 units – Tapestry Overbrook, Foster Drive, McDonough

Altogether, the projects above represent the most new apartment units breaking ground in one year. This is based on historical data and MHF News research. The majority of these units will deliver to market in 2024, though some may begin leasing this year.

One year prior, five new apartment complexes broke ground. They included Promenade & Willow Place behind McDonough High School, Somerset Apartments and Alta Bridges also in McDonough, and, finally, Fairview Terrance in Ellenwood. Together, the properties represent 1,190 units. Some projects began leasing in 2022 and all should be complete by the end of this year.

Projects on the Horizon

Looking ahead, over two-thousand new units could break ground this year. This is based on projects actively in development plan review. There are four projects, at a minimum, expected to break ground this year. They are as follows:

  • Oak Grove Vista, Jonesboro Road, McDonough by Vista Residential Partners;
  • Property on North Bridges Road, McDonough by TPA Residential;
  • Tanger Drive, Locust Grove by RangeWater Real Estate; and
  • Symphony Park, Travis Drive, McDonough.

There are six other projects which received zoning approval in 2022. One, if not multiple, of these projects could also break ground this year.

Next Steps

Developer interest in new multifamily housing is not expected to slow down. With this in mind, what steps can Henry County take to ensure high-quality development and prepare for the expected increase in traffic?

The county recently concluded a multiyear process to update its impact fee program. This resulted in the county’s first transportation impact fee taking effect in February 2023. Note, this impact fee applies in only unincorporated Henry County. Each city is separate.

Last year, Locust Grove adopted an update to its multifamily zoning district. The update increased amenity and construction requirements. For example, any project proposing 12–16 units per acre must include a rooftop gathering space and / or pool. Should Henry County consider adding a similar requirement? This year’s moratorium gives county staff the chance to refresh and update the multifamily zoning code.

Finally, what plans are in the place for the expected increase in traffic congestion? Especially in areas with multiple projects, such as Jonesboro Road, should the county look at an area study? Such study could consider the cumulative impact of all upcoming development within a small area and recommend localized road improvements. The same study could develop policy recommendations to improve walking and biking access. The county is not that far off from having to consider SPLOST VI projects as well as the next TIP project solicitation — possible funding sources for the study’s recommendations.

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Featured image shows new apartments under construction. Stock photo.

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