New Highway 42 Trailer Parking Receives Zoning Change

Photo shows multiple tractor-trailer trucks parked in a parking lot (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

New trailer parking along highway 42 can proceed forward following a change in zoning conditions. The Locust Grove council split 4-3 when approving the zoning change.

The property in question consists of thirty-one acres. An industrial rezoning request for the land received approval one year ago.

Highway 42 Trailer Parking

Concept layout for highway 42 trailer parking in Locust Grove (Falcon Design photo).
(Falcon Design photo)

The new parking lot will be off highway 42 north of Locust Grove. The property is on the west side of 42 north of the Home Depot distribution center and Colvin Drive. Vehicle access will be via one entryway off state route 42.

Documents submitted to the city describe the proposed use as industrial outside storage. The submitted site plan depicts trailer parking spaces, shown to the right.

HFG Development, LLC of Stockbridge, GA sought a rezoning request in early 2022. At the time, the applicant proposed two distribution buildings. The council initially denied this request, but the mayor’s veto reversed it.

After completing surveys of the property, the applicant found the initial proposal was not viable. This was due to the location of additional flood plains. The applicant sought a change in zoning conditions to allow outdoor storage. The original conditions allowed only warehousing and distribution.

Locust Grove council members split 3-3 when voting whether to modify the zoning conditions. Council members Boone, Shearouse and Taylor voted in favor to change conditions. Council members Greer, Breedlove and Williams voted in opposition. Mayor Price broke the tie in favor of the applicant.

A construction timeframe is not presently known for the property.

Featured image shows tractor-trailers in a parking lot. Clayton Carte photo.

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