Roundabout Begins Work, Water Line Cost on Racetrack Road

Construction document showing the roundabout plan at Racetrack Road and Iris Lake Road (Henry County photo).
(Henry County photo)

Construction began this week, February 6-10, for a new roundabout in McDonough. In addition, Henry County and HCWA approved the cost of a water line relocation. The new roundabout is located at Racetrack Road and Iris Lake.

Construction is estimated to last 300 days. The project should be complete before the end of the year.

Racetrack Road Roundabout

The new roundabout is a joint project between Henry County and the city of McDonough. The county awarded a construction contract in December 2022 to Wilson Construction Management of Norcross, GA. They are building the intersection improvement for $1.5 million.

The SPLOST V program, approved by voters in Nov. 2019, is paying for the work. McDonough contributed $1.1 million towards project costs. The remainder is split 50/50 by Henry County districts 1 and 3.

American Engineers, Inc. of Acworth, GA designed the new roundabout at a cost of $102 thousand.

Water Line Relocation

Henry County Water Authority must relocate a portion of its water line for the new roundabout. The water authority board and county commissioners approved the relocation cost estimate during their respective February meetings.

The water line relocation will cost $165,246.63. Water authority bond savings will cover the cost — split evenly by districts 1 & 3. In January 2021, the water authority and county agreed commissioners could receive half of the savings from refinancing bonds. Since then, Commissioner Wilson has applied the funds towards water line relocation costs at South Ola Road and Racetrack Road. Doing so saves dollars out of SPLOST V.

No other projects have utilized the bond savings funding to date.

Featured image shows concept layout for Racetrack Road roundabout. Henry County photo.

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