Henry County & Cities Beginning 2023 Comp Plan Updates

Photo shows LEGO bricks to represent possible future jobs and housing in Henry County (Comprehensive Plan 2018 photo).
LEGO bricks represent possible areas for new jobs and housing during the 2018 Comprehensive Plan update. (Henry County / ARC photo)

Henry County and the four cities will be updating their comprehensive land use plans this year. For 2023, each city will be creating its own plan separate from the county. This major shift from years’ past — when they created a joint plan — makes your public involvement that more important!

With five different plans, residents will have five different avenues to provide their feedback on future development within the county. The comprehensive land use plans set the direction for future growth within each jurisdiction.

Comp Plan Updates 2023

Henry County and the four cities last updated their comprehensive plans in 2018. At the time, Stockbridge created its own plan. The others worked jointly with Atlanta Regional Commission to develop the current plan. The state requires local governments to undergo a plan update every five years.

For 2023, Henry County has contracted with TSW of Atlanta, GA to complete their update. The company has extensive experience in metro Atlanta. TSW will be working with county staff to build a plan for unincorporated Henry County. The plan update includes the following stages:

  • Identification of Key Assets and Challenges
  • Evaluate and Update the Future Community Map, Land Use Map, and Charts
  • Develop Implementation Strategies
  • Update Comprehensive Plan Document

Public input represents an extensive part of the plan update. This includes online tools and open houses to meet with residents about the plan. There will also be a steering committee and stakeholder interviews for the update. Be sure and stay tuned when planning meetings are scheduled.

City Updates

In addition to Henry County, the four cities will be updating their comp plans. Each plan will have public feedback opportunities separate from the county’s update. Hampton and Locust Grove are working with Atlanta Regional Commission for their plan updates. McDonough has contracted with Collaborative Firm for their update. Info about Stockbridge’s update was not readily available.

Featured image shows LEGO brick public engagement activity during the 2018 comprehensive plan update. Henry County / ARC photo.

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