Would You Support Higher Taxes for Better Services? FY 2024 Budget Survey

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Police officers…pothole repair…fire fighters…park improvements…road striping…court services. These are only a few examples of county-funded services. But, with a limited budget and citizens seemingly always asking about road repairs, would residents support paying higher property taxes to increase local services?

The county’s annual fiscal year begins on July 1. Commissioners must adopt the budget each year setting the county’s priorities by way of new personnel and additional department funding. The county is presently collecting feedback for the upcoming year through an online survey.

FY 2024 Budget Survey

The FY 2024 Budget Survey is available now at the link below. Be sure and provide your feedback to Henry County.

The budget survey asks respondents to rank county services by importance. Examples include parks & recreation, fire services, code enforcement, police and transportation. It also asks respondents for their viewpoint how well county services are being delivered.

The budget ultimately adopted by Henry County affects how much property taxes the county needs to fund it. The county has maintained a steady millage rate since 2016. For homeowners with homeowner exemption, the amount they pay each year for county services remains constant. This is because of the county’s frozen exemption — saving homeowners over $21 million in 2022. These properties would only see an increase in county taxes if commissioners raise the millage rate. Thus, raising the question would residents support paying higher property taxes to increase local services? The county survey asks for their response.

Note the frozen exemption does not apply for the school district.

Methods Henry County can use to balance its budget include raising property taxes, increase or add new user fees for county services i.e. recreation activities, reduce staffing or decrease county services. The budget survey asks respondents for their preference.

The county will consider the survey results when developing the FY 2024 budget. Public hearings for the county budget typically occur in May. The board considers adoption of the budget then as well.

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