Henry County adopts 12-month apartments moratorium

Map showing new apartments projects in Henry County since 2019 (Google MyMaps photo).
(Google MyMaps photo)

Henry County commissioners pressed the pause button on multifamily development during their meeting on Wednesday morning, January 4. Henry County adopted a 12-month moratorium on new apartments or townhomes.

The moratorium applies to any new applications for rezoning, variances or building permits for multifamily housing. This includes apartments, townhomes and duplexes.

Henry County Apartments Moratorium

The county apartments moratorium will be in effect starting immediately through January 4, 2024. If the county adopts updates to the multifamily zoning codes or building codes before such date, then the moratorium would end.

Planning staff proposed the moratorium citing the high number of proposed developments, impacts to infrastructure and public services, and requesting time to update county codes. Since 2019, developers have proposed over thirty new apartment complexes within Henry County.

The moratorium does not apply to any project presently underway. This includes properties that are presently seeking a rezoning request, in development plan review or under construction.

County commissioners voted unanimously to approve the moratorium. It applies within unincorporated Henry County only. Properties within city limits are not affected.

Featured image shows a map of new apartment projects. Google MyMaps photo.

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