New Truck Parking Regulations passed in Locust Grove

Photo shows multiple tractor-trailer trucks parked in a parking lot (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

The Locust Grove city council passed new truck parking regulations during their January 2 council meeting. The new rules prohibit commercial vehicle parking in residential and commercial areas, with limited exceptions.

In addition, the council added zoning provisions to allow gravel truck parking lots within industrial areas. Gravel truck lots must first obtain a conditional use permit from the city council.

New Truck Parking Regulations

The city council adopted three separate items for new truck parking regulations. The majority of new rules can be found in an ordinance amendment adopted 5–1. Council member Greer voted in opposition. The last two items related to gravel truck lots passed unanimously.

Excerpts of the new ordinance include as follows:

  • prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles in all residential areas, except for RA lots greater than five acres or vehicles owned by a religious institute parking at said place of worship.
  • prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles in all commercial or office areas, unless the vehicle is unloading or loading, or the vehicle is owned by a business operating at the location.
  • overnight parking of commercial vehicles in commercial areas is prohibited.

The city code defines a commercial vehicle as any vehicle that requires a CDL or other specialist license to operate. Any vehicle over 26,000 pounds or trailer over 10,000 lbs are also commercial vehicles. This includes tractor-trailers, dump trucks, wreckers and school buses.

Gravel Truck Lots

Secondly, the council adopted a new zoning code to allow for gravel truck parking lots. Specifically, applicants owning at least five acres with an industrial zoning may petition the city for a conditional use permit. The council must approve the permit for each gravel lot.

The council approved a text amendment as well as updated land use table for the new provisions.

Featured image shows tractor-trailers in a parking lot. Clayton Carte photo.

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