Stockbridge Annexation 2022: New Residents & Council Districts

Following the recent passage of the 2022 Stockbridge annexation ballot question, the city will be gaining about 6,500 new residents in January. This change will make Stockbridge the county’s largest city with about 35,000 residents. In addition, city residents will elect council members from districts for the first time in 2023. The move from at-large to district-based council elections was contingent on the annexation passing.

Voters within the annexed area voted 1,076 yes to 1,033 no. Because a majority voted yes, then the annexation takes effect.

Map showing Stockbridge city limits effective on January 1, 2023 after voters approved the 2022 annexation (Georgia photo).
New Stockbridge city limits following November 2022 referendum. New boundaries effective January 1, 2023. (Georgia photo)

Stockbridge Annexation 2022

State Senators Emanuel Jones (D-Stockbridge) and Brian Strickland (R-McDonough) sponsored Senate Bill 612 during the 2022 legislative session. Senate Bill 612 contemplated the Stockbridge annexation. Following legislative approval and Governor Kemp’s signature, the annexation had to go on a ballot question for voters to ultimately decide.

The annexation fills in city limits within the downtown, Red Oak and Rock Quarry Road areas. It provides for continuous city limits within the northern half of the city. This improves the efficiency of public services, such as police or public works.

The first draft of senate bill 612 considered a larger area to annex — as many as 23,000 new residents. Following public outcry to the proposal, state lawmakers reduced the scope to only cover those areas north of Eagles Landing Parkway.

Map of Stockbridge city council districts for use beginning in 2023 elections (Georgia photo).
Stockbridge City Council Districts Starting in 2023 (Georgia photo)

Stockbridge Council Districts

Members of the Stockbridge city council will now begin to represent districts following the 2023 election. Previously, all council members have been elected at-large by the entire city. The mayor will continue to be a citywide election.

The five city council districts, and their election year, are as follows:

District (Map Color)Election Year
1 (Dark Blue)2025
2 (Pink)2025
3 (Yellow)2023
4 (Green)2023
5 (Light Blue)2023

Councilwoman Gantt will serve as the member from district one, and Councilman Thomas will serve as the district two member, beginning in January 2024. Both officials have terms ending in December 2025. The other districts will elect their first member in November 2023.

Featured image shows a map of the Stockbridge annexation for 2022. Georgia General Assembly photo.

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