New Ambulance Bay planned for Florence McGarity Blvd

Map showing the location of a future Henry County fire station on Florence McGarity Blvd in McDonough (OpenStreetMap photo).
(OpenStreetMap photo)

Update: Henry County has closed the proposal with no award.

Henry County is looking to build a new ambulance bay off Florence McGarity Blvd in McDonough. The location would house an ambulance crew and quick response vehicle. The QRV can also be referred to as a med truck.

Florence McGarity Blvd

Florence McGarity Blvd is located off highway 81 east of downtown McDonough. The McDonough Library and Heritage Senior Center are located on the road. Henry County plans to build the new ambulance bay on the overflow parking lot at the senior center.

Right now, a Henry County-staffed ambulance works out of McDonough Fire Station 51 next to city hall. This ambulance will move to the new quarters when the building is complete. The new ambulance bay will be a two-bay station measuring 4,000 square feet.

The county is looking for a design-build contractor for the project. Two vendors responded to a November 9 deadline for a Request for Proposals (RFP). Following staff review, the county has opted to select neither vendor and closed the RFP with no award.

Capital project funds are the intended funding source for the project. Exact costs are unknown at this time pending the outcome of the RFP.

Fire Stations 17 & 18

The project discussed above is separate from plans for two new fire stations. The SPLOST V program budgeted funds for new fire stations in the Ola and Flippen areas, respectively. SPLOST V collections began in April 2020 and will continue for up to five years.

Final locations for the new stations are to-be-determined. SPLOST V has completed the rebuild of fire station 6 in Fairview. There are also plans to rebuild fire station 5 in Hampton.

Featured image shows the future location of a new ambulance bay on Florence McGarity Blvd. OpenStreetMap photo.

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