Board awards Jonesboro Road widening design contract

Photo of Jonesboro Road at Mill Road intersection in October 2021 (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

Henry County has approved a second design contract in as many months for an upcoming road widening project. During the May 17 meeting, commissioners awarded the design contract for widening Jonesboro Road west of I-75.

The Jonesboro Road widening project is funded by transportation SPLOST collections. Henry County voters approved T-SPLOST last fall. Collections began in April.

Jonesboro Road widening

The Jonesboro Road widening extends between I-75 and North Mt. Carmel Road. The project length measures 2.1 miles. The project scope includes widening from the existing two-lane road to a four-lane divided roadway. Pedestrian improvements, such as sidewalks and / or multiuse paths, will be provided.

Eight companies responded to the county’s proposal for a design engineer. American Engineers, Inc. of Acworth, GA submitted the highest-scoring proposal. They provided a design quote of $1,578,690.80.

Design work for a widening project measuring two miles in length can last up to 12–18 months. Right of way acquisition will follow when the design is complete. Finally, construction could start in about three years depending how long right of way acquisition requires.

Other T-SPLOST Projects

Henry County transportation SPLOST includes seven major road projects. Several projects are concurrently in progress. Here is a status report on the major projects:

  • State Route 81 widening (phase I), Postmaster Drive and Bethany Road — right of way plans submitted to Georgia DOT for approval; ROW acquisition will follow.
  • Bill Gardner Parkway widening, I-75 to SR 155 — design underway; contract awarded in April 2022.
  • Jonesboro Road widening, Mill Road to N Mt. Carmel Road — design underway; contract awarded in May 2022.
  • Mill Road widening, Jonesboro Road to Flea Market — design underway; contract awarded in August 2021.
  • McDonough Parkway extension, SR 42 to SR 155 — right of way acquisition complete; construction-ready awaiting final GDOT approval.
  • Rock Quarry Road widening, Hospital Drive to SR 138 — right of way acquisition in progress.
  • Fairview Road widening, Hearn Road to SR 155 — county accepting proposals for project design.

In addition, each district commissioner has $2 million dollars for use on district-specific projects. For example, projects can be resurfacing, intersection improvements or new sidewalks. A portion of these funds are expected to contribute to Henry County’s 2022 resurfacing contract.

Featured image shows Jonesboro Road at Mill Road in October 2021. Photo credit Clayton Carte.

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