Road Resurfacing Contracts 2022 Accepting Construction Bids

Photo of road maintenance (Georgia DOT photo)
(Georgia DOT photo)

Three road resurfacing contracts are presently accepting construction bids in Henry County. They include two contracts by Henry County and one in the city of Locust Grove.

Transportation SPLOST collections will be the primary funding source for the road work. T-SPLOST collections began on April 1 in Henry County.

Update: Henry County awarded the resurfacing contract to Blount Construction Company for $25 million dollars.

Henry County Resurfacing Contract 2022

Last year, Henry County awarded a $27.4 million dollar resurfacing contract. This contract — the largest resurfacing contract in county history — covered eighty miles. Now, the county’s 2022 resurfacing contract will follow that work with another forty-two miles of roads.

Henry County is accepting bids through Wednesday, May 25. The board of commissioners will consider awarding a project contract during the June meeting.

Which roads receive resurfacing is determined by the district commissioners with technical input by county staff. The roads set for resurfacing this year include the following:

District I

  • Leguin Mill Road from Old Jackson Road to near Sunset Drive
  • Peeksville Road from South Ola Road to Old Jackson
  • Stroud Roud from Keys Ferry to Mt. Bethel
  • South Ola Road from New Hope Road to new South Ola extension

District II

  • Teal Vista
  • Canvasback Trail
  • Wood Duck Way
  • Spivey Chase Lane
  • Spivey Chase Trail
  • Kerrie Lane
  • Spivey Chase Court
  • Libby Lane
  • Iris Court
  • Kerrie Court
  • Chuck Court
  • Catie Circle
  • Meredith Way
  • Mt. Carmel Road from Chambers to I-75
  • North Mt. Carmel Road from Mt. Carmel Road to Jonesboro Road
  • Repair 620’ section of Flippen Road near McCullough Road (patching only)
  • Old Griffin Road (Hampton) from Bridges Road to Old Highway 3

Dist. III

  • Jackson Lake Road from bridge to state route 81
  • Island Shoals Road
  • Tomlinson Street
  • Deer Run Lane
  • Green Valley Circle
  • Pinewood Court
  • Shorewood Court
  • Woodcliff Court
  • Lake Dow Road from North Bethany to Upchurch
  • Allie Drive

District IV

  • Newcastle Vista
  • Rockport Drive
  • Clifton Ridge
  • Castlebar Way
  • Arbor Way
  • Crosshaven Way
  • Springdale Road
  • Lakefront Drive
  • Daileys Plantation Drive
  • Daileys Plantation Trail
  • Tunis Drive
  • Patrick Henry Parkway
  • Hunt Ridge Drive
  • Oak Shores Drive
  • Lakeridge Court
  • Oakforest Drive

District V

  • Bunnie Trail
  • Dink Scott Court
  • Woodchuck Court
  • Kay Crossing
  • Fair Drive
  • Fairview Point
  • Ridgeway Point
  • Homestead Road
  • Belmont Park Lane
  • Belmont Farm Drive
  • Citation Court
  • Triple Crown Lane
  • Belair Lane
  • Belair Trail
  • Caren Way
  • Susan Lane
  • Orchard Hill Drive
  • Orchard Hill Court
  • Palisades Way
  • Orchard View
  • Palisades Drive
  • Palisades Lane
  • Saul Drive
  • Soloman Drive
  • King David Drive
  • Saint James Court
  • Trinity Trail
  • Saint Marys Court
  • Hezekiah Way
  • Asa Drive
  • Timber Top Drive
  • Falling Timber Court
  • Timberwood Drive
  • Tall Timber Way
  • Country Pine Drive
  • Manor Way
  • Pineview Terrace
  • Shady Pine Terrace
  • Patillo Road
  • Clark Drive

HA-5 Contract

Henry County is also accepting bids on a second road maintenance contract. This contract is for asphalt patching, crack sealing, and high-density mineral bond application (HA-5) application on twenty-five county roads (about 3.75 miles).

The county is accepting bids through May 25. The project includes the following roads:

  • Christie Way
  • Christie Court
  • Gunstock Court
  • Brisley Circle
  • Gonzaga Circle
  • Setter Trace
  • Crossbow Terrace
  • Shelnutt Court
  • Spaniel Terrace
  • Browning Field Way
  • Mustang Court
  • New Castle Terrace
  • Stone Haven Chase
  • Dundee Court
  • Edinburgh Court
  • Glasglow Way
  • Aberdean Court
  • Centennial Drive
  • Gold Court
  • Crown Chase Drive
  • Copperwood Court
  • Pine Needle Court
  • Branch Forest Way
  • Tall Pines Court
  • Fish Pond Court

Locust Grove Resurfacing Contract 2022

Finally, Locust Grove is accepting construction bids on a resurfacing contract as well. The Locust Grove contract covers forty city streets for a distance of about ten miles.

The city is accepting bids through May 25. The roads set for work include:

  • Highpoint Lane (Skyland Subdivision)
  • Brentwood Lane (Skyland Subdivision)
  • Skyland Drive West (Skyland Subdivision)
  • Skyland Drive East (Skyland Subdivision)
  • Sun Lane (Skyland Subdivision)
  • Ridgewood Lane (Skyland Subdivision)
  • Sims Street
  • Square Circle
  • Grove Creek Drive (Grove Creek Subdivision)
  • Lilac Drive (Grove Creek Subdivision)
  • Grove Park Drive (Grove Park Subdivision)
  • Jasmine Drive (Grove Park Subdivision)
  • Easton Drive (Grove Park Subdivision)
  • Gettysburg Way (Part 1) (Leesburg Planation Subdivision)
  • Lincoln Square (Leesburg Planation Subdivision)
  • Paul Revere Drive (Leesburg Plantation Subdivision)
  • Massey Lane (Barnes Station Subdivision)
  • Ferguson Avenue (Barnes Station Subdivision)
  • Harris Avenue (Barnes Station Subdivision)
  • Patriot’s Point Street (Patriot’s Point Subdivision)
  • Freedom Walk (Patriot’s Point Subdivision)
  • Palmetto Street (Tanger Ridge Subdivision)
  • Denmark Court (Berkshire @ Linden Park)
  • Princess Jasmine Court (Berkshire @ Linden Park)
  • Queen Elizabeth Drive (Berkshire @ Linden Park)
  • Lady Maria Court (Berkshire @ Linden Park)
  • Queen Victoria Court (Berkshire @ Linden Park)
  • St. Augustine Parkway (Briarcliff/Hawthorne @ Linden Park)
  • St. Teresa Court (Briarcliff @ Linden Park)
  • St. Isabella Court (Briarcliff @ Linden Park)
  • St. Francis Court (Briarcliff @ Linden Park)
  • St. Philips Court (Briarcliff @ Linden Park)
  • Sarah’s Lane (Waters Edge Subdivision)
  • Water’s Edge Drive (Waters Edge Subdivision)
  • Gettysburg Way (Part 2) (Leesburg Planation Subdivision)

HA-5 Roads

  • Indian Creek Road
  • Stonewall Lane (Skyland)
  • Boulder Lane (Skyland)
  • Thrasher Court (Grove Park Subdivision)
  • Whippoorwill Way (Grove Park Subdivision)

Featured image shows a road resurfacing work crew. Photo credit Georgia DOT.

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