McDonough approves school zone speed limit cameras

Photo of Henry County School buses arriving at school (Henry County Schools photo).

The city of McDonough will soon join Henry County by installing speed limit cameras within school zones. The city council approved an agreement for the new cameras during their April meeting.

School Zone Cameras

The school zone cameras monitor for motorists driving in excess of ten miles per hour over the speed limit. The company responsible for the cameras, RedSpeed, then works with local police departments to issue civil fines through the mail to the registered owner of the vehicle. The cameras operate at no-cost to the city, because the company receives a share of any fines collected.

School zone cameras first appeared in Henry County beginning in 2019. Later, the county added additional schools in 2021. Now, McDonough Police Department will join-in at the following schools:

  • Excel Academy
  • McDonough High & Middle School
  • Walnut Creek Elementary School
  • Wesley Lakes Elementary School

State legislation adopted in 2018 authorized the use of school zone cameras. The cameras may operate during the school day, and one hour before and after school is in session. The operating times are as follows:

  • Elementary School 6:45 am – 3:25 pm
  • Middle School 7:45 am – 4:55 pm
  • High School 7:15 am – 4:15 pm

School zones with multiple schools use the longest hours applicable. For example, the McDonough school zone on Postmaster Drive will be active from 7:15 am to 4:55 pm.

Following camera installation, McDonough will offer a 30-day grace period when cameras start to operate. During this time, motorists will receive a warning if they are observed speeding during school hours. After the grace period, the first fine will be $75 with subsequent fines $125. Motorists can challenge any fines issued through McDonough Municipal Court.

Featured image shows school buses in the bus lane at a local school. Photo credit Henry County Schools.

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