Local Legislation 2022 Recap for Henry County

Map of Stockbridge annexation 2022 final revisions (Georgia photo).
(Georgia Legislative & Reapportionment Office photo)

The 2022 legislative session adjourned on Monday, April 4. Here is a recap of all local legislation filed during the session.

The state considered local legislation affecting Henry County, Stockbridge and Locust Grove this session. In addition, the general assembly updated the county commissioner and school board district maps to account for changes in population over the last decade.

Henry County

Not including the new district maps, other local legislation for Henry County Government this year included the following:

  • SB 635 – change the compensation of the Probate Court Judge to be 90% of the salary of a local Superior Court Judge
    Bill Passed
  • SB 639 – implement meeting attendance requirement for county commissioners
    Bill Did Not Pass
    Did Not Receive House Vote


Arguably the most-debated piece of local legislation this year was the Stockbridge annexation bill. Following community feedback on the original proposal, the final version reduced the annexation area to 6,600 residents. By comparison, the original concept contemplated annexing 23,000 new residents into the city.

The house agreed on Monday, April 4, to the senate’s final version. Senate Bill 612 now heads to the governor’s desk to await his signature. If Governor Kemp signs it, then voters in the proposed annexation will decide in November whether to join the city.

In addition, if unincorporated voters approve the annexation, then the city council will move to district elections beginning in 2023.

Locust Grove

In Henry County’s most southern city, Locust Grove residents may also see a November referendum. This referendum, proposed through House Bill 1399, would create a 100% homestead exemption on municipal property taxes.

What this means is owner-occupied homes would pay $0 in city property taxes if Locust Grove ever needs to implement a city tax. The city does not presently charge a property tax. Provided the governor signs the bill, then city voters will decide in November whether to approve the tax exemption.


Finally, there were several resolutions passed this year honoring Henry County residents. The proposed road dedications for Joanne Compton, Cheri Hobson-Matthews and Andy Welch passed as part of an omnibus road dedication bill.

In addition, lawmakers approved the following:

  • House Resolution 700 – commend Kameela Dixon, Pates Creek Elementary School 2021 Teacher of the Year
  • HR 833 – commend Cheri Hobson-Matthews, Henry County Manager
  • HR 899 – commend Yolanda Leduc for receiving the 2022 Yellow Rose Nikki T. Randall Servant Leader Award
  • House Resolution 923 – commend Elton Alexander, Stockbridge Councilman
  • HR 1157 – recognize March as School Board Recognition Month as well as commend the dedication and hard work of the members of the Henry County School Board
  • SR 769 – recognize State Senator Emanuel D. Jones

Featured image shows the Stockbridge annexation map 2022 following final revisions. Photo credit Georgia Legislative & Reapportionment Office.

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