Georgia House Approved the Locust Grove Homestead Exemption

Photo of a red wooden house among other wooden houses (Adobe Stock photo).

The state house approved the proposed Locust Grove homestead exemption on Wednesday, March 23. The bill, referred to as House Bill 1399, now moves to the state senate for consideration.

Update: voters approved the homestead exemption in November 2022.

The proposed homestead exemption would provide homeowners within Locust Grove city limits with a 100% exemption on municipal property taxes. The city does not presently levy a municipal property tax. The house bill proposes to exclude owner-occupied property from any future city property tax. Instead, only commercial, industrial and rental properties would pay a city property tax.

Locust Grove Homestead Exemption

House Bill 1399 provides for a city homestead exemption in Locust Grove. The measure is sponsored by State Rep. El-Mahdi Holly at the request of the city council.

The city asked lawmakers to adopt the homestead exemption in case the future need arises to levy a city property tax. There are no immediate plans to start a city property tax.

For the proposed exemption to take effect, city voters must approve it via referendum in November. If the bill passes the state senate and Governor Kemp signs it, then city voters will consider the ballot item later this year.

The ballot language would appear as follows:

( ) YES

( ) NO

Shall the Act be approved which provides a homestead exemption from City of Locust Grove ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes in the amount of 100 percent of the assessed value of the homestead for residents of that city?

The ballot measure is not a vote to increase taxes. Rather, it is a vote to save homeowners from paying any future city tax. Finally, the exemption would have no effect on the existing Henry County homestead exemption.

Stay tuned for updates on this bill and other ballot measures ahead of this year’s elections.

Featured image shows a red wooden house among other wooden houses. Adobe Stock photo.

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