Indoor Vertical Farm Bowery Farming to open in Locust Grove

Photo of two workers inside a Bowery Farming indoor vertical farm (company photo).

Bowery Farming, an indoor vertical farm, announced they will open a new location in Locust Grove, GA. Bowery Farming was founded in 2015. They are the largest vertical farming company in the US.

Specifically, the company will locate at highway 42 and Colvin Drive. They will lease space in an under-construction building.

Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming operates indoor farms to produce freshly grown greens and lettuces. Presently, the company has three farms in New Jersey, New York and Maryland. The Locust Grove farm represents the company’s expansion into the Southeastern United States. The company also announced plans for a new farm in the Dallas, Texas area.

Bowery Farming provides leafy greens and herbs to more than 800 U.S. grocery stores. Merchants include Walmart and Whole Foods Market, but also Amazon and e-commerce platforms.

By strategically expanding to Henry County, the company will provide locally grown produce to a population of 20 million people within a 200-mile radius of the new farm. Bowery’s farms are powered by 100% renewable energy sources. The farms grow local, pesticide-free protected produce. Additionally, Bowery’s smart indoor farms grow crops 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions.

The Locust Grove farm will create more than 100 jobs. The company plans to begin hiring later this year. Individuals interested in job opportunities can visit for more info.

The article features reprinted excerpts from the state press release. Featured image shows two workers inside a vertical farm. Photo credit Bowery Farming.

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