Henry County approves state route 20 gas station & self-storage

Photo shows the concept front elevation for a Jones Petroleum gas station. The building has a mixture of glass windows and brick exterior with the JP logo above the front door (Jones Petroleum photo).

The board of commissioners met on Tuesday, August 17. During their meeting, they considered two rezoning requests off highway 20 at Airline Road. The board approved a new state route 20 gas station, but tabled an adjacent request for a subdivision.

State Route 20 Gas Station

J&P Synergy of McDonough, GA submitted a request for commercial zoning off state route 20. The county denied their request. Instead, they approved mixed use zoning with stipulations.

The 19.998 +/- acre tract was divided into three lots, known as A, B and C. The zoning conditions allow for commercial use on lots A and B only. The two lots are alongside highway 20.

The remaining lot C is mostly flood plain off Airline Road. The seven-acre space could accommodate one to two homes in the future. If the applicant / land owner develops lot C at a later date, then they must return to the BOC for site plan approval.

Lot A — consisting of 6.3 acres at the street corner — will be a new gas station. Jones Petroleum is expected to be the gas station operator. They own several stations in the area. Their locations frequently include space for a fast food restaurant. Finally, lot A has space for a strip mall retail building.

Lot B is further west along state route 20. The lot is between the future gas station and Simmons Manufacturing. The area measures six acres. The applicant plans to construct a self-storage business on the space. The county’s highway overlay district requires self-storage to provide interior access only. It also prohibits outside storage. In addition, the building must mirror Class “A” office space.

Conservation Subdivision

The board considered the rezoning of ninety-four acres. The tract is at the southeast corner of the intersection. The applicant, Blue River Development of Cumming, GA, is proposing a new subdivision with 114 lots. Following discussion, the board tabled their decision.

Earlier this year, the zoning advisory board approved a conservation subdivision at the location. This allows the developer to build smaller lots in exchange for more green space. Conditions on the property require a minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet with an average of 18,000 sq ft. The applicant must set aside at least forty percent of the property as green space. Though using a conservation layout, the board of commissioners must decide the zoning of the property.

District III Commissioner Greg Cannon wanted more info from Georgia DOT before approving the request. Specifically, he sought reassurances the proposed driveway locations are acceptable to the state. Since the subdivision would be off highway 20, GDOT must review and approve the site entrances. In addition, Commissioner Cannon wants to see more green space between individual lots. He is seeking to prevent clear cutting within the subdivision.

The BOC must revisit the request in the future. The applicant will update their concept site plan based on board feedback beforehand.

Featured image shows the concept front elevation for a Jones Petroleum gas station. Photo credit Jones Petroleum.

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