Proposal would increase density along East Lake Parkway

The zoning advisory board and board of commissioners will soon consider changes to the future land use map (FLUM). If the BOC adopts the changes, then future developers can apply for higher density projects along East Lake Parkway.

The ZAB will consider the proposal on Thursday, May 13, followed by the BOC on Tuesday, May 18. Both meetings start at 6:30 pm at the Henry County Admin Building in McDonough.

An update of this article is now available.

Map showing future land use map near East Lake Parkway. Map shows low density residential for much of the area, with medium density residential at the northeast corner of East Lake Parkway and Springdale Road. (Henry County photo)Map showing the future land use map near East Lake Parkway. Proposed map shows mixed use designation at Stockbridge city limits, East Lake Parkway and Springdale Road, and SR 155. Map shows medium density residential along East Lake Parkway. (Henry County photo)
Present-day FLUM (left) vs Proposed FLUM (right)

(Henry County photos)

Map Key:

  • Yellow – Low-Density Residential
  • Orange – Medium-Density Residential
  • Red – Commercial
  • Purple – Mixed Use
  • Black – Transportation / Utilities

East Lake Parkway

The future land use map is part of the larger comprehensive plan. County staff are initiating the request to amend the comp plan.

Presently, the majority of the East Lake corridor is designated for low-density residential development. This allows up to two net units per acre, such as half-acre lots. Select properties within the corridor support commercial or utilities. The utilities label is on land owned by Henry County Water Authority. In addition, one property allows medium-density residential. The property was rezoned for a townhome community in August 2020.

Now, the request includes the following:

  • Change to mixed use at three locations: east of Stockbridge city limits (Lakeside at Eagles Landing subdivision), the intersection of Springdale Road and near state route 155. More specifically, roughly 55 acres of open land would support mixed use. This total excludes the property rezoned in 2020.
  • Change to medium-density residential for the remainder of the corridor. The area equals approximately 359 acres.

Development Options

Henry County allows a variety of uses within mixed use. For example, this can include commercial, office or multifamily residential. The county allows up to 16 net units per acre in these projects.

Recently, the county has seen an increase in mixed use requests with apartments and commercial space. Similar projects could emerge on East Lake Parkway if the proposed FLUM changes pass.

In like fashion, the areas for medium-density residential allow up to six net units per acre. Applicants most commonly apply for townhome developments within these areas.

When Henry County receives a rezoning request, conformity to the comp plan and future land use map is the first criteria point staff review. If the map supports a request, then it has a high likelihood staff will recommend approval. Although the proposed changes do not apply to any one specific project, they could set the stage for several requests in the future.

Both the zoning advisory board and board of commissioners will hold a public hearing before voting on the proposal. Be sure and attend the meetings if able.

But Also…

On Tuesday, May 18, the board of commissioners will also consider two changes to the unified land development code. They include the following:

  • Consideration to amend the boundaries of the highway corridor overlay district, and
  • Consideration to amend the highway corridor overlay district as it relates to mixed use development standards.

Henry County last modified the overlay district in November. At the time, the board adopted changes governing residential construction. East Lake Parkway is one of several corridors within the district.

A copy of the proposed changes is not yet available as of press time. Henry County typically publishes the meeting packet six days before a board meeting.

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