Georgia DOT holding open house for Jackson roundabout

Concept layout updated February 2021 for state route 42 roundabout at state route 16 in Jackson (Georgia DOT photo)
(Georgia DOT photo)

Georgia DOT is offering a virtual open house for a planned project in Jackson. The project proposes to construct a roundabout at state route 42 and state route 16 / West 3rd Street.

To access the state’s virtual open house, click here. Residents can also submits comments through the Georgia DOT website. The open house will remain available beginning February 2 through March 1, 2021.

About the Project

The planned roundabout features a 92’ diameter. The concept layout has seen minor revisions since MHF News last highlighted the project in February 2020.

In July 2020, members of the Jackson city council signed a letter asking Georgia DOT to stop work on the project until “more study can be done.” Council member Ricky Johnson shared at the time concerns from residents about the roundabout size. The 92’ diameter is considered a large mini roundabout, but includes the signature red truck apron found on larger circles. Traditional mini roundabouts, such as state route 36 at Keys Ferry or state route 81 at Jackson Lake, do not have a truck apron. Instead, they have a small center island that commercial vehicles can drive over.

The project consultant considered a larger 120’ diameter roundabout during project development, but ruled it out due to space constraints. A second alternative to add a southbound right-hand turn lane was likewise ruled out because of sight distance concerns. The sight distance issues could consequently lead to a negative impact on the overall intersection safety.

The project purpose is to improve delay times at the intersection. Without improvements, delay times will increase significantly between 2017 and 2040. In contrast, the planned roundabout addresses delay times and improves intersection safety.

The current open house provides residents the latest opportunity to share their comments or concerns with Georgia DOT. The state plans to authorize right of way acquisition to begin in April 2021. Construction is on the calendar to let in May 2022.

Project costs total $2 million dollars. The state plans to fund right of way and construction through house bill 170 proceeds.

Featured image shows state route 16 at state route 42 roundabout concept layout. Georgia DOT photo.

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