Voter turnout passes twenty percent

Photo of a sample ballot for the November 2020 election (Secretary of State photo)

As of Sunday, October 18, over twenty percent of registered voters in Henry County have participated in the November 2020 election. According to the U.S. Elections Project, 35,258 voters have already cast their ballots, or 21.1%.

Henry County has 167,049 registered voters, up 41k from four years ago. Voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election was 79.20% with nearly 100,000 voters participating.

Photo of a sample ballot for the November 2020 election (Secretary of State photo)
Sample Ballot (Secretary of State photo)

Voting by mail continues to be a popular option during the coronavirus pandemic. To date, 15,774 absentee ballots have been returned and processed. Across the county, 38,869 absentee ballots have been requested and 40.6% of them returned. By comparison, only 3,593 absentee ballots were received in 2016.

Nearly twenty-thousand individuals, or 19,484 voters, participated in early voting during the first week it was open. Early voting continues for an additional two weeks — including Saturday, October 24, and Sunday, October 25 — at six locations within the county. Voters may participate in early voting at whichever location is most convenient for them.

At the local level, countywide offices on the ballot include Sheriff between Reginald Scandrett and Jack Redlinger, and county commission chair featuring June Wood* and Carlotta Harrell. Clerk of Superior Court is also up for election contested by Barbara Harrison* and Sabriya Hill.

Within individual commission districts, Johnny Wilson* is uncontested for a second term. In district II, Dee Clemmons* and Steve Richardson are running for the seat.

In the general assembly, attorney Brian Strickland* and business owner Kelly Rose face off in senate district 17. For representation on the house side of the Georgia capitol, voters have a choice in districts 73, 109, 110, 111 and 130. House districts 76, 78 and 90 in Stockbridge and north Henry County are uncontested.

Visit our contested races article for links to candidate campaign websites and Facebook pages. Voters may view a sample ballot specific to their home address and verify their polling place by visiting the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.

An asterisk* denotes the candidate is the incumbent.

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