HCPD invests in Flock license plate cameras

Map showing Flock camera coverage for HCPD (Henry County photo)

Henry County commissioners approved a request in September by the Henry County Police Department to invest in an additional fifty (50) Flock license plate reader cameras. The new cameras will be installed throughout the county and compliment the department’s existing ten cameras in use for the past eighteen months.

The ten existing cameras have aided in solving nearly one-hundred cases and resulted in decreased criminal activity where installed (ie Jonesboro Road commercial shopping area, the bridge on Peeksville Road, and Village Park). The cameras are connected to GCIC and the Flock national network of law enforcement cameras alerting HCPD officers to stolen autos, wanted persons, Amber alerts, terrorist watch lists, and registered sex offenders.

Map showing Flock camera coverage for HCPD (Henry County photo)
Flock camera coverage (Henry County photo)

The planned camera placement was designed to cover high crime areas, interstate exits, and parks.

Cameras placed at interstate exits will assist HCPD to locate stolen vehicles, search for suspects’ vehicle descriptions, and identify hit and run suspects. New flock locations were selected as major egress and ingress locations in high crime areas.

Camera locations include the following:

Current Flock Location
  • Highway 138 at hwy 42 WB
  • Amicolola Way
  • Jonesboro Road at I-75 EB
  • Mill Road (2)
  • Willow Lane NB
  • Highway 81 at Ola EB
  • Highway 155 at Garrison Lane NB
  • Total: 8
Interstate Exits
  • Highway 138 at Daniel Drive (2)
  • Highway 138 at I-75 (4)
  • Eagles Landing Parkway at I-75 (4)
  • Jodeco Road at I-75 (4)
  • Jonesboro Road at I-75 (4)
  • Highway 20 / 81 at I-75 (4)
  • Highway 155 at I-75 (2)
  • Total: 24
New Flock Locations
  • Highway 155 at Panola Road (2)
  • Fairview Road at Kroger EB
  • Panola Road at Home Depot SB
  • Highway 138 at hwy 155 (2)
  • Highway 42 at Clayton County line (2)
  • Highway 138 at Speer Road WB
  • Mt Zion at CarMax SB
  • Millers Mill at hwy 155 (2)
  • Jonesboro Road at Foster Drive EB
  • Highway 81 at hwy 3 WB
  • Highway 42 at Butts County line (2)
  • Total: 16
  • Panola Mountain
  • Village Park (2)
  • Hidden Valley
  • JP Moseley (2)
  • N Mt Carmel Park
  • Nash Farm (3)
  • North Ola Park
  • Sandy Ridge Park
  • Total: 12

The initial cost for the fifty cameras is $112,500 for twelve months. The following year the annual lease will increase to $135,000 to include the original ten cameras. Maintenance of the equipment, to include replacement in the event of theft, is handled by the company at no additional cost.

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