Change of plans on Mt. Bethel Road

Ola community map (staff photo)

The zoning advisory board approved a variance on Thursday, May 28, that will support an applicant’s change of plans concerning thirty acres in Ola. The subject property is located east of Mt. Bethel Road.

The property was previously rezoned in August 2019 from RA (residential agricultural) to R-2 (single-family residential) for a twenty-nine (29) lot subdivision. The applicant’s new plan includes six lots ranging in size from 0.82 acres to 8.53 acres. The average lot size is 3.9 acres.

The land owner’s decision to change plans was based on market conditions and cost analysis of the planned subdivision. In addition, the large lots will be more consistent with the surrounding area.

The requested variance was to allow unpaved gravel driveways in the R-2 zoning district. The R-2 zoning district requires paved driveways, whereas gravel driveways are allowed in RA zoning (residential agricultural).

The ZAB approved a variance that requires 100’ of paved driveway from the public right of way and the difference can be gravel. The longest of the driveways are one quarter-mile in length.

The variance also requires driveways to be a minimum of 16’ wide to allow for two-way vehicle traffic.

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