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Map showing small-box discount stores in Henry County (Google MyMaps photo)

Henry County commissioners will discuss the county’s proposed small-box discount store ordinance on Tuesday, April 7. The proposed code amendment would establish a distance requirement between discount retailers. New stores would be required to meet the distance requirement before they could be built.

Discount retailers often build on property previously zoned commercial. In the past year, new small-box retailers have opened on highway 81 near old highway 3, highway 155 in Union Grove, and Old Jackson Road in Ola. Commissioners denied a rezoning request in February for a new discount store on Rocky Creek Road.

The city of Stockbridge passed a discount store ordinance in July 2019. The draft county text mirrors the city’s language, including the definition for a small-box discount store and proposed one-mile distance requirement.

Moving Henry Forward is asking our readers their preference for the distance requirement. One mile may not be an adequate distance to best serve unincorporated Henry County.

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In addition to the proposed distance requirement between small-box discount stores, the code amendment would also incorporate a one-thousand feet distance requirement for vape shops, beauty supply stores (including hair salons and nail salons), tattoo shops, and facilities providing body piercing.

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