State House approves fourth Superior Court Judge

Photo of Georgia State Capitol (Wikimedia Commons photo)
(Wikimedia Commons photo)

The Georgia House unanimously approved House Bill 786 on Thursday, February 20, to create a fourth Superior Court judgeship in Henry County. The bill now awaits a committee hearing and vote in the state senate.

Discussion about adding a fourth judge has been ongoing for several years. The board of commissioners adopted a letter of support for its creation in February 2019.

In September, Superior Court Judge Brian Amero shared with the BOC that the Judicial Council of Georgia had prioritized the Flint circuit judgeship as the number two request across the state. Amero was optimistic about the judgeship being fulfilled by the Georgia General Assembly.

The bill has been updated since our original blog post. If signed into law, Governor Kemp would appoint the new judge to a two-year term beginning January 1, 2021. The seat would first stand for election in 2022 and every fourth year from then on.

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