New MARTA bus route would connect Stockbridge and Riverdale

Presentation slide showing proposed MARTA bus route 197 (MARTA photo)
Presentation slide showing proposed MARTA bus route 197 (MARTA photo)

Clayton County residents voted to join MARTA in 2014 increasing public transit access within the county. As part of that service, six local bus routes plus one Lovejoy community circulator were launched with two more planned for a later date.

That later date will happen this year. MARTA CEO Jeffrey Parker presented an update this week to the Clayton County Board of Commissioners that, among other topics, included the proposed routes for the new service. Proposed bus route 197 would connect SR 138 and Davidson Parkway in Stockbridge with Mt. Zion and Riverdale.

The proposed route, located entirely within Clayton County, will be considered for implementation by the MARTA board in August as part of their service modifications considered three times a year. More details, like its frequency and timetable, will be available then.

The proposed eastern terminus at SR 138 and Davidson Parkway is served by Henry County’s Fairview shuttle. Once the new route goes into effect, transit riders could take advantage of the common stopping point to access MARTA’s larger service area.

For now, the Fairview shuttle has a common stop with other MARTA bus routes at the Wal-Mart on Anvil Block Road. Connections can be made to MARTA Route 32 (Bouldercrest) or Route 195 (Forest Parkway).

Transit riders wishing to ride MARTA should be prepared ahead of time with their Breeze card to access the system. Breeze card machines are not available at the common stopping points.

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