Hampton to transfer planning & zoning in-house

Photo of Hampton Depot (Georgia Property LLC photo)

Photo of Hampton Depot (Georgia Property LLC photo)The Hampton city council lended its approval this week on a plan for city staff to take over planning & zoning requests inside the city. Presently, the service is provided by Henry County planning staff.

The city manager shared the council would establish a workflow and administrative process for zoning cases at their January retreat before officially making the switch. The city will also consider establishing a planning & zoning board, an intermediate step between staff and the council.

The move is part of the ongoing service delivery strategy negotiations between Henry County and the four cities. The agreement, outlining which government services are provided by whom, expired in February and staff have been in deliberations for over a year to form a new agreement.

The switch will enable Hampton residents to receive an additional very small rollback on their property taxes. In 2019, that rollback was worth 0.006 mills.

Henry County ZAB will no longer hear Hampton cases.

As part of the switch, zoning cases within the city of Hampton will no longer be presented to the Henry County Zoning Advisory Board. The ZAB will only hear requests for unincorporated areas.

The Henry County ZAB meets on the second Thursday in odd-numbered months. Depending on case load, a second meeting on the third or fourth Thursday can be added at the discretion of county staff.

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