Candidates qualify in Stockbridge and McDonough

Photo of Stockbridge city hall (city photo)
Photo of Stockbridge city hall (city photo)

Qualifying for city council positions occurred last week and Moving Henry Forward reached out to the cities for an update. A total of thirteen positions will be on the ballot this November within our municipalities.

Qualifying for all positions ended on Friday, August 23, at 4:30 pm at each city’s respective city hall. The list of candidates below has been updated following the close of qualifying.


The city of Stockbridge has the largest group of candidates for voters to choose from. All three incumbents have qualified alongside six challengers.

The city uses at-large positions on their council. Voters will select three individuals on the ballot in November.

  • Elton Alexander (I)
  • Nathan Banks
  • Yolanda Barber
  • Jacqueline Blalock
  • John Blount (I)
  • Arthur Christian
  • Cherice Hollis
  • Kenneth McFarland
  • Neat Robinson (I)


The city of McDonough is the only municipality in Henry County that utilizes districts. Seats on the ballot this year include district 3, district 4, and one at-large seat.


  • Carla Dennis
  • Benjamin Pruett (I)
  • Brandon Robinson

District 3

  • Craig Elrod (I)
  • Janice Scotchman

District 4

  • Kamali Varner (I)
  • Teresa Bradley Wheeler

Be sure and check out the qualified candidates in Hampton and Locust Grove.

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