New rezoning request on Millers Mill Road proposes conservation subdivision

Google Earth map of developments on Millers Mill Road
Property shaded in yellow is proposed to be developed into a new subdivision. (Google Earth image)
Google Earth map of developments on Millers Mill Road
Property shaded in yellow is proposed to be developed into a new subdivision. (Google Earth image)

Update: the zoning advisory board recommended denial of the rezoning request and approved the conditional use permit. The board of commissioners will consider the rezoning request during a future meeting before rendering a final decision.

General Holdings Unlimited, LLC of Monroe, GA is requesting a rezoning and conditional use permit to build a conservation subdivision on 87.01 +/- acres along Millers Mill Road. The proposed development yields 144 lots based on the R-3 zoning district.

The applicant’s requests will be considered by the zoning advisory board on Thursday, July 25, at 6:30 pm. The ZAB meets at the Henry County Administration Building located on Henry Parkway in McDonough. The rezoning request will be presented to the board of commissioners at a later date for a final decision.

The surrounding area has seen its fair share of rezoning requests in recent months with developments on Millers Mill Road, East Lake Parkway, and Crumbley Road either pending or approved.

Henry County planning staff have recommended approval of the rezoning request with six conditions:

  1. The entrances shall align with existing streets directly across Millers Mill Road or be shifted to meet the minimum offset required.
  2. The entrances shall be located such that the minimum intersection sight distance and the minimum spacing requirement are met per the road’s posted speed limit, and shall have a deceleration lane and acceleration taper designed and constructed to HCDOT standards. The requirements of the TIS shall be constructed, including a left-turn lane(s).
  3. Each home shall have a minimum two-car garage. Garages shall be side-entry where feasible.
  4. The homes shall consist entirely of a combination of two or more of the following on all sides: brick, stone, stucco, and cement fiberboard. Vinyl based products are only permitted in the soffits, eaves, and fascia.
  5. All homes shall be a minimum of 2,400 heated square feet.
  6. All disturbed areas shall be sodded, except where landscaping is present or installed.

Staff exhibits are available on the county website: rezoning request | conditional use permit

Concept site plan for 1496 Millers Mill Road
Conservation subdivisions allow smaller lot sizes in exchange for preserved open space. (applicant photo)

Conservation Subdivision

Conservation subdivisions permit developers to construct smaller lots, as small as 10,890 square feet (one quarter-acre), in exchange for preserving at least forty percent open space on the property. Conservation subdivisions do not allow the applicant to increase the number of lots nor decrease the minimum home size.

The applicant is requesting a conditional use permit to support the conservation subdivision. Planning staff have recommended approval of the request and a second public hearing will be held during next week’s ZAB meeting to consider it. The permit will be presented to the BOC only in the event of an appeal following the zoning advisory board’s decision.

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