Crumbley Road project requests a conservation subdivision

Site plan for proposed conservation subdivision at 719 Crumbley Road
The Reservoir Group is proposing a conservation subdivision at 719 Crumbley Road. (applicant photo)

The Henry County Board of Commissioners recently approved a rezoning of 86.5 acres to allow one-hundred new homes off Crumbley Road, and the county will now consider an application for a conditional use permit to allow a conservation subdivision on the property. The Reservoir Group will present their request to the zoning advisory board on Thursday, March 28, at 6:30 pm. A public hearing will be held during the meeting to receive comments from audience members.

Conditional use permits are decided by the zoning advisory board. The BOC will only hear the request in the event of an appeal. It is stressed that any concerned residents must attend the ZAB meeting if they want to comment on the proposal.

Conservation subdivisions permit the developer to build smaller lot sizes, as small as 10,890 square feet, in exchange for preserving at least forty percent open space on the property. The applicant must prepare a concept yield plan depicting the number of lots that could be built in a conventional subdivision based on the property’s zoning district, then is extended the right to build that same number of lots at the smaller dimension. Henry County code has additional provisions that allow for bonus lots if the applicant preserves greater than forty percent open space.

719 Crumbley Road subdivision site plan
The applicant’s original site plan depicted 22,000 square foot lots with limited open space. (applicant photo)

The property was rezoned to R-2 on sewer by the board of commissioners in January, permitting minimum lot sizes of 22,000 square feet. The zoning district can support one-hundred lots at the location. The applicant is proposing to consolidate the lots into one road and remove the cul-de-sac side streets if the conditional use permit is granted.

Planning staff have recommended approval of the request. The staff report is available to view on the county website.

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